Friday, October 9, 2009

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Lost my league match this week (back on Monday) going hill-hill in a straight 5 race. I missed a couple 8 balls and positioning for the last couple balls. It was a tight match, but I certainly know what I need to work on (like getting position off a ball hanging in the corner). Anyway, one of the more memorable sequences was the end of this game when I was on the 8 ball. He safetied me behind his 4 and 5 ball, so I hit a 3 rail kick. He tried to combo the 4 in the side (2nd page) and missed, leaving the cue ball in about the only spot I would've had a chance. It was still a difficult shot, but I was able to cut the 8 all the way up the long rail for the win.

In another game, I had the following shot on the 1 ball hanging in the corner. The 8 ball blocked the natural kick and one of his balls blocked the lower end kick, so I had to go above the 8 ball and stuck a bunch of left english on the cue ball in order to get it over to the corner pocket. Good thing I have an idea of the clock system.

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