Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 World Cup of Trick Shots Results and Recap

Check out the results from the 2009 World Cup of Trick Shots at Mohegan Sun:

Semifinal #1

Team USA: Tom Rossman / Mike Massey

d. 8-5

Team Europe: Stefano Pelinga / Lukasz Szywala

This matchup featured some of the best strokes in the game of pool. Team USA took an early lead taking advantage of Europe missing one of their own attempts. They opened it up on a teamwork Circular Draw-based shot and a Railroad shot. Europe couldn't get any closer than two points, and missed all but one of USA's challenges, and the USA finally sealed the victory as Mike Massey hit a masse jump shot.

Semifinal #2

Team Europe: Ralph Eckert / Nick Nikolaidis

d. 7-4

Team USA: Andy Segal / Bruce Barthelette

A nice contrast in styles developed with Team USA's power and speed versus Europe's finesse and stroke. Ralph Eckert gave Europe an early lead that they would never relinquish. Team USA did itself no favors only earning points on two of their seven challenges, virtually handing the match to the Europeans. Nick Nikolaidis finished it off with a series of alternating one-handed jump shots.


Team USA

d. 8-5

Team Europe

Team USA took the interesting strategy of going first after winning the lag. It paid dividends as they were able to get on the board first, putting pressure on the Europeans. They kept the pressure high, demonstrating their teamwork much more comfortably than their opponents and extending their lead to three points. Europe was only able to pick up one point on a USA challenge, and that on a solo shot, while missing four of their own shots. That would spell their demise as Team USA successfully defended their World Cup of Trick Shots title.

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