Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rocking the caroms

I was playing a lower-ranked player in league last night, giving up a ball and a game (so a 5-4 race). I had forgotten about the ball spot the first game, so I might have played it slightly differently if I had remembered and my opponent took an early lead. He could've gone up 2-0, except he scratched on the 8 ball in the second game. Then I started turning it on and took the next three games with some long runs, stranding 5 or 6 of his balls on the table in each of those games. The last game was a little closer, but I pulled it out after he fouled trying to jump one of my balls leaving me an easy three ball run.

In one of the middle games though, I was left with the layout below. He had a lot of balls strewn across the table, but it still looks like a tough position even if there weren't any! I caromed the 4 off the 1 into the corner which set me up perfectly for the rest of the run.

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