Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not Safe Enough

My team ended up getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs this season. I had to play a lower ranked opponent who beat me 4-4 since I had to spot a game (and a ball). She took the first three games pretty quick before I ground out the next three. In the seventh game, we both missed the 8 ball a couple times, then she tried a thin cut with the bridge, made the 8, but scratched, sending it to hill-hill. She had the break in the case game and spread the balls pretty well. I probably should have just tried to tie up the 8 ball right away with an intentional foul because there were few safety options and my balls didn't look runnable. Well, I tried to safe, but it didn't quite work out and she took the last game. One of my better safes in one of the earlier games is below as I was on solids. I didn't get the right shape to get on the one ball and wasn't going to go for the combo, or back up and down the table for the other balls, so I played safe, she missed the kick, and then I ran out from the ball-in-hand.

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