Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 World Championships Recap

Just got back from the 2011 WPA World Artistic Pool Championships at Valley Forge. It was a great event with 33 players, the most we've had in a while, with a few new names as well. I played well, shooting solid through my first three rounds keeping myself in the top 10. Then I lit up the jump discipline hitting 39/40 points and scored well in the masse's too to take 3rd place after the prelims. That got me a bye going into the playoffs.

I played Abram Diaz in the quarterfinals, who just came off a victory over JR Owens. I took an early lead, but Abram fought back. It wasn't until the jump and masse disciplines when he stumbled again and I was able to capitalize when I finished off the match. It ended on a bit of a funny scene as both he and I missed one of the easiest shots in the program three time each.

In the semifinals, I played Jamey Gray. I took an early lead, but he took advantage in an opening during the draw discipline. He spread it out after that and ran away with it by the end. The semifinals and finals were taped by Comcast in 3D, so maybe I'll be on TV at some point. They also did player interviews. Andy Segal beat Gabi Visoiu in the other semifinal and then beat Jamey in the final.