Tuesday, January 20, 2015

League Night, MLK Day

League last night went poorly again. I went 1-3 and the team lost 2-8. Two of the racks I lost were from breaking dry and my opponent running the table. Guess I need to work on my break shot. The other game I lost had a tactical endgame. I was faced with the following layout as stripes, with cue ball in hand.

The aggressive option would be to pocket the 12 and try to carom off the 13, making the 3 and hoping you still have a play on the 13. I ended up taking the safe route, contacting the 13, pocketing the 3, and running the cue ball up table. A few back-and-forth safeties later, and my opponent came with a long bank on the 7 and won the game.

I suppose the ultra aggressive play would've been to play straight into the 13-3 with draw, squeezing the 13 into the corner and likely leaving a shot on the 12, but I didn't think about that until I got home.