Monday, June 29, 2009

Win without making the 8

The new league session started up again today. I didn't quite play brilliantly but it was good enough to win. Oddly though, I'm not sure if I really ever made the 8 ball. I'd get down to the 8, choke, and then my opponent would end up scratching which would give me ball-in-hand, but he would just concede at that point. Anyway, I took the first two games. I should have taken the third except I slow rolled the 8 and it stopped on the shelf and nothing hit a rail. That foul ended up costing me the game. We swapped the next couple of games too, then I took the next two for a 5-2 victory. The teams ended up splitting the four matches, but we ended up winning the match on ball count. Nothing memorable to diagram. Next league match is in two weeks though. Hopefully I'll find something for another entry before then though.

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