Monday, June 15, 2009

Easy Street Billiards in Monterey, CA

I went on vacation this weekend and made it down to Monterey, CA for a friend's wedding. I looked up Easy Street Billiards as a great place to play and boy was it. I went on Thu night and they run a handicapped 9-ball tournament, a single elimination 32 bracket field with buy backs if there's still spots open. Everyone there was really friendly and the atmosphere was fantastic. The table's were fast and the balls were clean and the house cue I used was just fine.

In my first match, I played Butch who was giving me a 6-3 spot. I was actually watching him warm up beforehand (not knowing I was going to play him) and thought he was pretty good. He took the first game with a solid run out. I was doing well in the second game before undercutting the 9 ball in the side pocket. But he re-gifted it to me and I took that one evening the score. In the next game, I made a great kick and kiss 1-9 for the win after he scratched (see below), and also took the following game for the 3-1 win.

My next opponent was Franci and I was spotting her in a 5-3 race. I quickly won the first two and then we traded games getting to hill-hill. I was able to keep it together for the victory though. I guess my best shot in that match would have been the following sequence. I got a funny angle for the 7 ball and decided to bank it, which then set me up for the rest of the way.

So Butch had bought back in and I faced him again in my third match. The tournament director decided to bump my handicap though so the race was only 5-3. It got to 2-2 when I had the chance for the win with the shot below, but I blew it. He managed to take the next two games after that for the win.

But my finish was good enough to earn my entry fee back and I had a great time shooting down there. I'll definitely go back if I'm in town again!

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