Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fisher Jump Cue Review

The most recent acquisition to my arsenal is a Fisher jump cue. It has a unique butt with three notches to aid in gripping and I used them for both the dart stroke and pendulum stroke. It's on the lighter side of standard jump cues, weighing 7.5 oz. It also has a G10 tip and pin (3/8 x 10). The G10 tip holds chalk pretty well, although I didn't try any extreme jump-masse's. I'll update this post later if I test that out.

To me, the Fisher jump cue plays very similar to the Jacoby jump cue, which has a single-notched butt. It was pretty easy to get the cue ball up and down pretty quick, within two diamonds. This is nice because if the object ball is farther away, the cue ball should be rolling when it hits it. Due to its lighter weight, it took a little more speed to get the same results as with the jump portion of my X-breaker. It is possible to jump up to half a table length, but it takes some effort. On the short end, it can jump a full ball easily at one ball width and even 3/4 ball width. Anything closer than that gets trickier and probably isn't worth risking; might as well go with an ultralight jump cue at that point. One-handed jumping again was doable, but seems easier with a slightly heavier cue. The Fisher jump cue is probably best for shorter to medium range jump shots, as well as shots where your target ball is not too far from the blocking ball.

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