Monday, June 8, 2009

The Finals

We played the semifinal and final matches to finish out our league season. In our first match, I played against a lower ranked player who I had lost 4-0 to around a month ago. I was spotting him a ball and a game, so I had to get to 5. He took a 3-1 lead to get on the hill and it was looking dire for me. Then I snapped off two games where he only got one shot. I continued to fight and was able to get the next two games to take the match, but only after he hung an easy 8 ball. That ended up being the clincher as two of the matches had already finished, so we won 3-0.

In the finals, I matched up against someone my speed. I took a 3-1 lead, then dropped two after some mis-strategized shots. At 3-3 though, I was able to grab the next two games for the win. We were already down 2-0 at that point, so that put pressure on the last player. Unfortunately, he ended up losing so we ended up in 2nd place. Overall, it's not a bad finish considering the way the season went. Hopefully we can improve on that finish in the next session.

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