Monday, July 13, 2009

Friendly league

This week, we ended up playing some good friend of ours. In fact, the guy I was matched up against was the team captain of the first team I landed on when I started in this league. It made for a much friendlier, relaxed atmosphere (not that the other teams aren't friendly). I quickly pulled ahead 3-0, then 4-1. He took the next game and then I prematurely sank the 8 ball in the 7th game, putting the score at 4-3. It was on a breakout shot and I looked to see if the 8 would go. I thought the combination was set to the side rail, but I must have thrown it just enough to find the side pocket. In the 8th game, he got down to the 8 ball and left himself with a tough cut. His teammate called a time out and convinced him to play a safety (he claimed it was the first safety he's ever played, which can't be too far from the truth), leaving the 8 ball blocking my direct path to the object ball, as shown below. I tried a jump shot (page 2), missing the cut, but sending the 12 ball back up table blocking the 8 ball's path to the corner. He tried some wild shot (I'm not even sure I diagrammed it accurately on page 3; there was too much action going on), leaving me with a not-so-easy cut on the 12 in the side with a friendly bump on the 8, putting it a bit closer to the pocket (page 4). I had to pull out the bridge to make it, but it fell, giving me the 5-3 win.

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