Monday, December 8, 2014

VNEA League Week 4

This was my second week playing in the VNEA bar box 8 ball league since I missed the first two weeks. It's still a little weird playing four games, one game at a time, but at least it makes for shorter nights than other formats. I made a crucial mistake in one my matches because I didn't realize how easily the side pockets accepted balls. You can fire them in from sharp angles and they'll still go down. I ended up trying to slow roll a ball and ended up scratching giving up that game.

In the last game of the night, for me and my team, I ended up with ball in hand in the following situation (I had stripes):

I'm sure I didn't pick through all of my options all that well, but I ended up shooting this:

Just to get the 13 out of there and leaving the 8 covered up. I ended up leaving a long 1 rail kick, but my opponent missed, and after I dogged a few more shots, he also missed the 1 rail kick a few more times before I finally got out.

Anyways, I ended up winning 3 of my games and losing 1. Realistically, I should have gone 2-2 since one of my opponent's slow rolled the 8 ball which was on a direct line for the corner pocket, but ended up not hitting a rail giving me ball in hand with only one my balls still up. The team won 10-0 again. My captain thinks he'll bump my handicap up though, so that might change things.

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