Friday, August 12, 2011


Finished up my APA season. There's still one week left, but I'll be in Vegas for the Ultimate Trick Shot Tour Championships. I played one of the best players in the league, so I only needed to win 3 to his 5. I took the first two games, then he took the next four to go hill-hill. He broke the last rack and failed to make a ball (I don't think he made any balls on his break all night, actually). I managed to run the table after that, so I finished off strong.

I'll be taking next season off unless the team really needs a sub at some point, so it was a good finish. At some point in the last game, I just started focusing on making the shot and not trying to do too much with the cue ball. That had gotten me in trouble in some of the previous games, like when I tried to draw the cue ball while using the mechanical bridge. I guess it's easier to take the tough shot, than to try to take a tough position for an easier shot.

Well, I don't remember my whole run, but I got to the following position at some point with stripes as my group. Sure there was an option to pocket the 10 and draw back to try to play the 15 in the same pocket, but I thought putting too much stroke on it might make the 10 rattle out, so I played a little safer and brought the 15 back the other way (pg 2-3). Once I got on the 11 ball, I just played it safe and rolled it in (pg 4) to give myself a shot at the 8 since most of the pockets were blocked. Again, it was not wanting to try to do too much with the cue ball. Sure, it wasn't the easiest shot on the 8, but I gave myself a chance and it worked out this time.

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