Friday, May 20, 2011

Boston's a wrap

As my one or two loyal readers may know, I have made the move from Boston, MA to San Jose, CA. My 8 ball league in Boston wrapped up just before I left though, so I didn't strand my team in the middle of the season. They had just bumped up my handicap though and I finished 1-2 at that level.

As of last night, I just joined an 8-ball APA league with a friend of mine. It's mostly out of Shoreline Billiards, but there are teams from a couple of other local pool halls. I started out as a SL4 since I had never played APA before. Of course, that's a bit low for me, so I managed to win my match pretty easily over a SL6 3-1 and she wasn't really too happy about that. I'm sure she'll get me next time.

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