Sunday, February 21, 2010

2nd Place in PotShot Pool Tournament

I got second place in the PotShot Pool Tournament today at Big City in Allston. It's a slight improvement from the fourth place I got last time, but the field was a little smaller. There were a couple good shooters there though (especially since I dragged a couple friends along), so it might have been slightly more difficult overall. Nothing too dramatic to report, but the first two rounds ended up going to a spot shot shootout. So with an object ball on one spot and the cue ball on the other, you had to sink the object ball without scratching. There are two primary ways to play the shot, as a cut into one of the corners by the object ball or as a long bank to one of the corners by the cue ball. Cutting it is tricky because there's a tendency to scratch unless you can get enough draw or follow to get the cue ball on a different line. I saw a couple players scratch on another table since they couldn't compensate. I chose to bank. I got a little lucky in the first round as everyone missed their initial attempt. For the second attempt, the cue ball could be placed anywhere in the kitchen, but I elected to go right back to the spot and bank again. I thought I made an adjustment, but it wasn't big enough. Luckily I hit hard enough to give myself a chance at the up and down and it managed to fall. In the second round, I went first and fired the bank right in, putting the pressure on everyone else. Even my friend who I told the shot to and who made it in his first round match missed. To the victory goes the spoils.

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