Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jacoby Jump Daddy jump cue review

I recently acquired a Jump Daddy jump cue, made by Jacoby specially for a certain distributor. The shaft is about 4 oz while the butt is slightly over 3 oz, making it on the lighter side with a 3/8 x 10 joint. The shaft is laminated with a 13.65 mm tip and a real stiff taper. You can see the laminate layers in the picture below. When I first started jumping with it, I wasn't blown away impressed. It wasn't until I figured out I could easily jump from one ball width away, almost easier than the Dr. Popper. Sure the cue ball doesn't come down quite as quick as with an ultralight jump cue, but it was impressive for the beast that it is and it has reasonable control. One handed jumping wasn't bad either. Because it's so light, it's a little more difficult to control on longer jump shots since you have to put in a little more force. I'd hesitate to say the Jump Daddy is my new favorite jump cue, but it certainly earns a spot in the rotation for certain shots.

I tried out the shaft with one my friend's jump/break butt. The extra weight really helps pop the cue ball up. I wasn't even going full force because I was on a league table, but high jumping shouldn't be a problem.

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