Monday, September 14, 2009

Alive and Kicking

Finally back into league action after about a month off. We don't play during Red Sox home games since the pool hall is close proximity (as in across the street) from Fenway and it's too big of an issue to find parking for most people and overall busy. Then we also had a bye week thrown in and maybe a forfeit as well at one point. Anyway, I was spotting my opponent a game and a ball. I took the hill at 4-1, but he took the next two games, moving it to hill-hill. I got down to my last stripe ball and couldn't do much with it, eventually leaving me locked behind the 8. Then I made a miraculous kick (I mean, I had to call something), but that still left a bad angle on the 8. I tried banking the 8 but ran into his 2 ball. Anyway, he ran two more of his balls then scratched trying to bank the 7 cross side leaving me ball in hand for the 8 ball. I wasn't going to miss that. The team did well too, with everyone winning their matches and the ball count battle. That puts us near the top of the table.

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